Historic Preservation Department

Renee Mueller, Historic Preservation & Planning Coordinator

P. (719) 689-3905   F. (719) 689-3288
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The Historic Preservation Department operates programs that address the needs of historic residential and commercial structures; processes requests for Certificates of Appropriateness; develops education programs, events, exhibits and products that interpret the Cripple Creek Mining District; addresses the needs of city-owned Mt. Pisgah Cemetery; and participates in public improvement projects that relate to the Bennett Avenue Historic District. The Historic Preservation Commission conducts public hearings on historic issues. It consists of seven members appointed by City Council and meets once a month as needed. The Mt. Pisgah Cemetery Board, also appointed by City Council, is made up of five members and meets bi-monthly to discuss cemetery matters and make recommendations to City Council.

Mission Statement:

To improve, maintain and promote the Cripple Creek community through the preservation and protection of the city’s historic built environment and its National Historic Landmark status.

Goals and Objectives:
  • Develop educational programs, events, exhibits and products that interpret the history of the Cripple Creek Mining District.
  • Process development requests efficiently and effectively.
  • Participate in public improvement projects that enhance and provide better access to and understanding of the historic resources of the Bennett Avenue Historic District.
  • Continue to provide a diligent program to address the needs of historic residential, commercial and non-profit structures.
  • Continue to address the needs of the Mt. Pisgah Cemetery.
  • Pursue the leveraging of all expenditures of historic preservation funds by requiring matching funds and/or grant funds from other sources.
  • Pursue designation of a regional area as a National and/or State Heritage Area.


    The City of Cripple Creek Historic Preservation Commission
    will meet on Friday February 10, 2017 at 5:00 PM
    337 E. Bennett Ave. Cripple Creek Co. 80813. Phone:(719) 689-3905

    The meeting will take place in the Council Chambers.
    Agenda Items:

    1. Roll Call:
    2. Approval of September 22, 2016 minutes
    4. Staff Report
    A. 2016 Grant Report
    B. 2017 Grant Applications
    C. Set Work Session Time and Date / 2017 Grant Applications
    D. UPDATE: Palace Hotel Expansion
    E. Nominations: 1 year Commissioner Term (Missy Trenary)
    1 year Alternate Term (Carol Leppert)
    F. OSA (Office of State Auditor) Conflict of Interest Policy – DRAFT


    Historic Preservation Commission

    Reed Grainger
    Chairperson, Local Real Estate Agent, Experience on Commission

    Mike Gross
    Vice-Chairperson, Cripple Creek Resident, Building Contractor

    Melissa Trenary
    Cripple Creek Resident, Historic Writer and Researcher

    Jack Maberry
    Cripple Creek Resident, Retail Business Owner

    Steve Veatch
    Geologist, Educator, President of Friends of Florissant Fossil Beds

    Jeff Regester
    Cripple Creek Resident, First Alternate

    Carol Leppert
    Cripple Creek Resident, Second Alternate

    Mt. Pisgah Cemetery Board Members

    Steve Zoellner, Chair
    Annie Tobey, Secretary
    Deb Hack
    Richard Tremayne
    Jeanne Harrington


Downloadable Forms & Information:

Historic Preservation Ordinance

Bennett Avenue Historic Preservation Ordinance

hp grant application and guidelines forms

Historic Preservation Grant Agreement


Mt. Pisgah Cemetery Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes