About Our New Fire Chief

About Chief Dean O’Nale

Dean O’Nale has worked in the field of Emergency Services for over 35 years, first as a volunteer firefighter and paramedic in his home state of Arkansas and then as a firefighter/paramedic in Florida. He is the recent Fire Chief of Oldsmar Fire Rescue, retiring there after 25 years where he started as a firefighter/paramedic, then Lieutenant and Captain before becoming the Fire Chief in 2012. Dean’s passion is training. He is certified as an instructor in several different fire and ems programs and has been an adjunct instructor in Emergency Management and Fire Sciences with St. Petersburg College since 1993. In addition he provides training to and for local, state and federal agencies in leadership, conflict resolution, supervision and other human resources related topics. Dean is also a contract instructor for the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland where he teaches in the Executive Development Program . Dean has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Troy University. Dean and his wife, Michelle, have a home in Divide Colorado and two golden retrievers to share it with.