Marketing & Events Department

Jeff Mosher, Marketing & Events Director

P. (719) 689-3461   F. (719) 689-2774

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Mission Statement
To promote the City of Cripple Creek through marketing campaign efforts as well as to market and produce festival-type events, with the overall guiding principle of promoting tourism and developing a public recognition that Cripple Creek is a regional recreation destination.

The City of Cripple Creek’s Marketing & Events Department posts current event information on the City’s tourism website, Please check this website often for updates on upcoming events! We are proud to host a diverse calendar of events throughout the year, with fun entertainment for visitors of all ages.



Goals & Objectives

1) Tourism Marketing

  • GOAL: To complete a multi-faceted marketing fulfillment project that will promote tourism and that will highlight Cripple Creek as a recreation destination.
  • OBJECTIVE: To produce a multi-faceted fulfillment piece, such as an “Official Visitors Guide” in both the print and electronic medium that is attractive, professional, and easily accessible. This piece will be “multi-purpose” in that it will serve as an informational guide for information requests and information stations, as well as a tourism guide for local hotels and business establishments. This guide will also be available in an electronic format that will be found on the City’s tourism website.
  • OBJECTIVE: To produce quality marketing media such as billboards, radio and television commercials, and print and electronic material that focus on Cripple Creek being a total recreation destination, complete with festival-type events, recreational activities such as gaming, and tourist related attractions that exemplify the history of this region.

2) Event Development

  • GOAL: To produce and market festival-type events, which encourage tourism and Cripple Creek Brand Recognition.
  • OBJECTIVE: Continue to develop event branding in order to establish continuity and event credibility while maintaining public recognition from year to year, thus enabling the department to decrease time and money spent on creative development.
  • OBJECTIVE: Assess target audiences, molding and developing events around the changing trends in the tourism industry and growing community, while focusing on the regional and historic interests that are inherent to our unique area.