Plant Operations

Mickey Groves, Director, Plant Operations

P. (719) 689-0499   F. (719) 689-0313
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Mission Statement:

To provide a suitable effluent product to discharge into the Arkansas River draining system by carefully controlling all discharge parameters. To acquire and supply Cripple Creek with potable water to meet current and future demands as well as fire protection requirements.

Goals and Objectives:
  • Sample site monitoring program using software for updates at the waste treatment plant.
  • Establish Internet web access for 400 pipes.
  • Complete site changes for expansion project on biosolids.
  • Clean and inspect water plant storage tank.
  • Complete disinfection at byproduct sample sites.
  • Prepare for LT2 and unregulated contaminants monitoring for drinking water.
  • Provide reliable delivery of potable water to meet all requirements.
  • Replace old, thin, undersized and shallow water mains.
  • Replace old, inoperable and shallow fire hydrants.
  • Install meters at all businesses and residential properties.
  • Improve the appearance of Cripple Creek (the stream).
  • Secure additional water rights to provide ample supply for growth.
  • Work with city administration to implement development projects.

    REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL_ Wastewater Improvement Project 2018

    The City of Cripple Creek invites statements of qualifications/proposals from professional engineering firms to submit to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on the City’s behalf a paper hydraulic derating to less than 1mgd and develop a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for its proposed wastewater treatment facility improvement project, “Biosolids Dewatering and Treatment Optimization Project”. The PER will evaluate and make recommendations to address alarm/SCADA needs, energy use, solids handling and disinfection practices.


2017 Drinking Water Quality Report for the Calendar Year 2016
2018 Drinking Water Quality Report For The Calendar Year 2017

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