Teller Cnty 1 Construction


The City of Cripple Creek has awarded the Teller 1 Curve Realignment and Trails project to Tezak Heavy Equipment.  The City has provided them with a Notice to Proceed as of June 28th for the Teller 1 HSIP project and July 5th for the Trails project beginning on C street through Teller 1. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this construction season.

Construction is scheduled for 120 days from start date with completion slated for November 1st. This date is subject to change due to weather and/or other unforeseen circumstances during the project.

Construction is currently on schedule.

Detour Map


Project Groundbreaking, June 26, 2017. City of Cripple Creek officials with Public Works, Tezak Heavy Equipment, contractor, and Newmont Mining, project donor.