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Cripple Creek played an integral role in the rich heritage of Colorado. The first homesteaders arrived here in the mid-1800s. In 1890, a ranch hand named Bob Womack discovered gold and Cripple Creek changed forever. By 1900, more than 50,000 people called the gold camp home. When the golden era ended in 1918, more than $300 million in gold had been mined in what would be the last great gold rush in North America. By the 1920s, only about 40 mines remained, but two decades later, in the 1940s, the town began to promote itself as a tourist destination, offering visitors a glimpse into the past. In 1991, the town was opened to limited-stakes gaming. Today, the venerable gold camp has reinvented itself as a full-service tourist destination, all the while preserving and showcasing its rich history.


Press Release

The City of Cripple Creek is very pleased to announce the return, pending contract approval, of long time Butte Theater show producers, Thin Air Theatre Company (TATC), for the 2020 theatrical season. TATC has an outstanding history of producing professional shows at the Butte Theater from 2007 – 2017.  The return of TATC reunites Mel Moser, Butte Theater Manager/Actor, Chris Armbrister, Producer/Actor, and Chris Sorensen, Writer, who produced many of your favorite Melodramas and plays.  As part of this change, the City of Cripple Creek has ended its relationship with the Butte Theater Foundation, who produced shows for the past two seasons.  Welcome back Thin Air Theatre Company!


Due to some misleading information put on the Butte Theater Facebook site, the City would like to clarify some details. Shows will continue at the Butte Theater, just not with the Foundation being a middle man.

The Butte Theater is owned by the City of Cripple Creek. The Plays are funded by the City of Cripple Creek, which leads to the foundation’s start up being funded by the City of Cripple Creek.

The Foundation was set up to offset costs for the City. Unfortunately, this did not happen and instead created a duplication of services.

The City chose not to renew this contract in order to cut out the middle man scenario and take over direct control again.


Please direct any questions to Butte Theater Director Mr. Mel Moser at  (719) 689-6402.


Unfortunately, some misleading advertising has been released by a third party, which includes Cripple Creek in the weekend schedule. While there may be some Cruise Above the Clouds vehicles in town over the weekend, they will be traveling here on their own and not as part of any organized activity.

This weekend the Triple Crown is hosting the Summer Music Festival on the 6th and 7th, with a fireworks show on Saturday night.  Come and enjoy a weekend of live music, food and fun in Cripple Creek!

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