Custodial Department

Walter Clary, Custodial Manager

P. (719) 689-3316   F. (719) 689-3288

The Custodial Department provides services that touch the community and its visitors every day, maintaining a safe and sanitary environment in all public facilities.

Mission statement:
To provide clean public buildings and to maintain a safe and sanitary work environment for city employees.

Goals and objectives:

custodialFurther develop the cleaning capabilities of the custodial department; researching and
preparing for adequate equipment and personnel to accommodate the city’s new facilities; coordinating the purchase and installation of dispensers and cleaning equipment for those facilities; researching and obtaining proper health-care cleaning procedures to maintain compliance for the Medical Center, and following each department’s audit list for cleaning areas that need direct attention and scheduling the work there.

Continue to improve the efficiency of the custodial working performance; supplying employees with proper training; developing a schedule to accommodate the cleaning needs of the new facilities; providing each employee with proper protective gear; attending training seminars to improve cleaning techniques and procedures, and developing a team within the department to assist the maintenance department with light maintenance projects.

Expand the department safety program; implementing new OSHA safety training material and video programs; continuing training on environmentally preferred products and obtaining Leeds certification to comply with the Federal Acquisition, Recycling and Waste Prevention Act; obtaining environmentally friendly fixtures, equipment and chemicals that are also in compliance.


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