Finance Department

Paul Harris, Finance Director

P. (719) 689-3316   F. (719) 689-3288

The Finance Department works as a liaison between the city administrator, city council and other city departments, supervising all financial functions of the city and other support services including sales tax. The department develops the budget and tracks
expenditures and revenues, handles the city’s banking needs and invests excess funds.

Mission statement:
To maximize revenue and minimize costs for Cripple Creek; to ensure that all money is accounted for and appropriately received and spent.

Goals and objectives:

  • Help department managers work within their budgets; holding monthly meetings to review prior months’ revenues, expenditures and budget issues.
  • Maximize the city’s return on excess cash; managing the city’s four funds’ cash flow on a daily basis and investing any excess in state-approved instruments.
  • Refine financial processes and procedures.
  • Reexamine the city’s long-term financial needs and develop plans to address issues; producing a new three-year Capital Improvement Plan to outline capital purchase and personnel needs, and producing three-year cash-flow projects.

Financial Reports:

Current Income Statement Report
Current Gaming Industry Report
Current Accounts Payable Report
Current Gaming Device Report

2019 Budget Document
2018 Budget Document
2017 budget Document

2016 Budget Document

Audited 2017 Financial Statements
Audited 2016 Financial Statements
Audited 2015 Financial Statements

Audited 2014 Financial Statements