Seasonal Water Tips

Fall & Winter


Often, winter weather in Cripple Creek finds us in below-freezing temperatures.
Mother Nature reminds us that this is Colorado, and mountain temperatures can be extreme.  To be prepared, the City of Cripple Creek recommends the following:

Insulate Pipes

Don’t wait until pipes freeze.  Frozen pipes can burst, and can result in more than a temporary inconvenience – not to mention added costs for repairs.  Save time and money by insulating, or checking insulation, as soon as possible.

pipebreakInspect Your Property
If you have had problems with frozen water lines in the past, then in addition to
insulating exposed pipes, consider sealing gaps and openings in basements and crawl spaces.  This is an effective means of avoiding freeze problems.

Leave a Faucet Dripping

tricklingCirculating water doesn’t freeze and the cost of a small trickle of water (just above the drip stage) will be low in comparison to the cost of having a service line repaired or replaced.  Consider collecting that trickling water for use around the home, such as to water house plants.

Winterize Outdoor Lines
Drain water lines to outdoor faucets and disconnect garden hoses from faucets. Winterize sprinkler systems and swamp coolers: drain all the water from the sprinkler system and shut off the supply.  Shut off supply lines to swamp coolers, then disconnect and drain the supply line.  Optional: Cover the cooler to minimize heat loss.

Inspect Your Water Meter

meterReport broken or missing meter lids to Cripple Creek City personnel at (719) 689-2502.  The water meter will be safe from freezing if the dead air space is maintained around it.  If you suspect a problem with the meter, contact the City of Cripple Creek.  There is no charge for a professional service worker to come out to your property.

Locate Your Main Shutoff Valve

The best time to locate your shutoff valve is BEFORE a pipe breaks, not after.  Learn how to turn it off and educate others in your household.  If the City can help in this regard, just let us know.

Traveling During the Winter?
Ask a friend to check your premises while you’re away, and let them know it’s okay to call on the City of Cripple Creek’s Public Works Department for assistance if the need arises at (719) 689-2125.