Monthly Conservation Tips

Garden irrigation system

June Water Conservation Measures


Ways to Use Even Less

In response to the widespread lack of snowfall, please continue to use less water in June by watering only areas of your landscape that are truly dry. To test for soil moisture, probe your lawn with a screwdriver.  If it goes into the soil easily, that indicates sufficient moisture.  If the screwdriver can’t probe the soil, apply water to that area.

Recommended Watering Time for June:

  • Fixed-Spray Heads: 12 minutes per zone
  • Rotor Heads: 30 minutes per zone
  • Rotary Nozzles: 28 minutes per zone
  • Hose and Sprinkler: 26 minutes per zone

Drought Update:

Thanks to April and May snowfall, snowpack and precipitation numbers in our watershed have been better.  June weather is important because it will impact how much mountain snow actually makes it into our reservoirs as water.  The wetter the better!

In the meantime, thanks for continuing to use water wisely!