Police Department

Charles “Bud” Bright, Chief of Police

P.: (719) 689-2655   F: (719) 689-3248

Don Kramer, Code Enforcement Officer                                                              
P: (719)689-2655  F: (719)689-3248








Vision Statement:

With unity of purpose and in partnership with the community, we are dedicated to excellence in policing.

Mission Statement:

We are a professional organization providing quality police services to our community. We are committed to excellence in law enforcement. Through this commitment we strive to treat everyone we contact with dignity and respect. We seek to maintain peace, order and safety for the benefit of all. We work with our community at large to create a partnership through a trusting relationship. We embrace the richness of our city’s history and endeavor to share its lessons.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Continued development of the relationship built with the casino security leaders’ coalition including the Division of Gaming in order to address issues relating to crime and disorder among within the casinos.
    • (Encourage and promote development to enhance, expand and diversify our local economy. Continue to work with the Cripple Creek casinos on issues that are important to the industry and impacts its economics.)
  • Research and explore partnerships with community entities and area criminal justice agencies designed to enhance police services with minimal fiscal impact.
    • (Increase the efficiency of the city government. Continue to develop alternative sources of funding, such as grants, which will off-set the costs of services or programs offered by the city.)
  • Continue and enhance the School Resource Office Program; participation in community drug awareness and enforcement efforts.
    • (Support organizations and programs, which enhance the quality of life in our community. Continue to support and participate in the “Build a Generation” program.
  • Increase community awareness of police services through marketing the department to the community; continued participation in community events; continue and enhance partnership with the special events and marketing coordinator’s office.
    • (Improve communications with residents of the community so that government is accessible and everyone is informed of ongoing events and projects.)

Oath of Honor

On my honor I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the Constitution, my community and the agency I serve.

Downloadable Forms and Information:


NOTICE: fingerprint service changes 10-08-18
PARKING Permit Application
Provisional Certification of Out of State Police Applicants
RESolution No. 2014-03
Bad CHECK crime report
CCPD Volunteer Application

Note: In accordance with the City of Cripple Creek Municipal Code, Section 8-2-20(e) says in part: the Police Department may permit parking in excess of those times listed in this article for “construction and delivery vehicles.”

The Police Department shall have exclusive authority to grant and/or revoke any and all construction or delivery vehicle parking permit(s). The fee for receipt of such a permit shall be Ten Dollars ($10.00).

Memorandum of Understanding
In accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes 16-2.5-301. Peace officer-involved shooting investigations, the Cripple Creek Police Department has a Memorandum of Understanding in place with the Fourth Judicial District Deadly Force Investigations Team to investigate major cases at the request of the Police Chief. The established Memorandum of Understanding incorporates an Officer involved shooting.