Transportation General Guidelines

STROLLERS – Strollers, wagons, and similar child transport devices are permitted in their collapsed condition. Children may not remain in them while on board the transit vehicle.

CHILDREN – Children under 8 years old are encouraged to be accompanied by an adult.

STANDING – No passengers are permitted forward of the Standee Line per Federal Law. Passengers who choose to stand do so at their own risk.

CARRY-ON ITEMS – items may not obstruct the aisle or pose a safety concern and must remain within the immediate control of the passenger. The City of Cripple Creek is not responsible for missing, lost, or stolen items of personal property.

iPods, RADIOS – Volume must be kept an acceptable level in which to not interfere with safety or annoy other passengers. We suggest that headphones be used while on board.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES – No food or beverages may be consumed while on board. Beverages (non-alcoholic) may be allowed on board in a spill proof container, but may not be consumed. During specific events or holidays, the City of Cripple Creek reserves the right to impose a beverage ban and not allow beverage containers of any kind.

SMOKING – No smoking is permitted on board, at bus stops, or inside transit facilities. The definition of smoking includes cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and marijuana.

ALCOHOL – No alcoholic beverages may be brought on board or consumed at any bus stop or transit facility. No person may ride the Cripple Creek Transit system who is visibly intoxicated and not in control of their own person.

ILLEGAL DRUGS – No drugs may be brought on board or used at any bus stop or transit facility. Marijuana is a federally prohibited substance, but legal under Colorado law. Public consumption of marijuana is an illegal act in Colorado. Possession of illegal drugs and/or selling of any kind of drugs (including marijuana – which cannot be privately sold), while using the Cripple Creek Transit system, will be reported to law enforcement.

NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY OR LASER POINTERS – Items that may blind the operator are not permitted to be used on board or at bus stops. This can be considered endangering public transportation, a federal offense.

FOUL LANGUAGE, DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR – Foul language and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. You will be asked to disembark or be denied boarding for inappropriate behavior. We will also not tolerate any abusive behavior towards one of our employees. If the bus has to stop to deal with inappropriate behavior, our operations are then impacted, and the police may charge the party responsible with “hindering of public transportation”. Threating a transit operator is a federal offense.

WEAPONS, HAZARDOUS MATERIALS – No weapons or hazardous materials are permitted on board, at bus stops, or at transit facilities. Mention of any such items or of any type of violence is considered threatening behavior and will result in the notification of law enforcement.

ANIMALS – All animals are prohibited from Cripple Creek Transit system, subject to the following limited exceptions:

a. Legitimate service animals under the control of a guest with a disability as permitted by the ADA for a disability related service.

b. Small animals stored in an approved carrier under the control of a responsible guest at the discretion of the Transit Operator.

c. Any guest traveling with an approved animal may be expelled if the animal’s behavior compromises the safe operation of Cripple Creek Transit or otherwise poses a threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

LOITERING – Remaining on board a Public Transit Vehicle without a destination, sleeping on-board a transit vehicle, or loitering at a Public Transit Station or designated Bus Stop is not permitted.

ALL BUS STOPS ARE HAIL STOPS. The bus does not stop if no one is present at the bus stop or no one signals inside the cabin that they want off. At night, it is helpful if you open your cell phone so the light comes on and wave it back and forth so that the transit operator can better see that someone is there waiting at the bus stop.

TRAFFIC AND WEATHER PERMITTING. Cripple Creek Transit schedules are subject to traffic and weather conditions. If we are running behind due to conditions beyond our control, it is because we are first and foremost concerned about the safety of our guests. We apologize, but safety always comes first.

PLEASE BE ON TIME. We will not allow someone to hold the shuttle for an incomplete boarding party. We highly recommend that you are ready prior to calling the shuttle service.


For any questions related to our Transit System Use Policies or Procedures, contact the Cripple Creek Transit Manager, Ted Schweitzer, at (719) 689-3753