City Administrator

Frank Salvato, City Administrator

P. (719) 689-3316   F. (719) 689-3288


The City Administrator is the chief executive officer for the City of Cripple Creek. Appointed by the city council, the city administrator is responsible for coordinating departments within the city and other external organizations. The administrator is also responsible for the city’s annual budget and implements the policies adopted by the city council. The administration also is involved in implementing the city’s marketing plan.

Mission statement:
To be responsive to the needs of the community and the region and its residents and to ensure the city is operated in a cost-effective and professional way.

Goals and objectives:

  • Implement policies adopted by the city council as they relate to the daily operations of the city, making sure that all who have contact with city government are treated fairly; providing adequate training in management skills for all city staff; and assisting the city council in determining the needs and desires of the community and making sure those needs are met.
  • Ensure that actions of the city council are understood by city employees and residents; scheduling monthly department head meetings; visiting sites; communicating with staff to encourage teamwork; and making sure that information is communicated clearly.
  • Assist in the implementation of a marketing plan focused on bringing events to the city that will promote the heritage tourism theme; ensuring all outgoing media information is timely and accurate; watching for consistent branding on marketing materials; and making sure that event promotion is developed with community representation.